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Olives Et Al Designing distinctive olive oil packaging for the master oliveers

Olives Et Al

OEA is one of the UK’s most respected and knowledgeable companies in the olive business and a founding partner of the Farmshop and Deli of the Year Awards.

Project scope

The brief

Briefed with creating a packaging design for the flagship oil from the UKs leading olive oil brand, our challenge was to develop a packaging design that would reflect the unique quality of the product and position it as an everyday premium oil.

The solution

Our design for the packaging features a distinctive repeating pattern that was inspired by the fluid shapes of olive oil droplets. The product itself has aromas of tomatoes, lemons, bananas and nuts, and these flavours provided the foundation for the vibrant colour palette.

The resulting packaging is unique in the sector and has incredible stand out appeal amongst competitors.

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