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Email Marketing Delivering your customer relationship strategy

Email Marketing

Despite so many new ways for brands to reach customers, email is such a trusted, relevant channel and is still important for nurturing prospects and maintaining brand engagement. The trick is reaching the right inboxes and getting your content read!
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E-CRM Strategy

Effective planning is the key to avoiding your email content becoming spam and this requires both content and technical considerations. We’ll look at where email marketing fits within your wider campaign strategy and work with you to identify what your recipients are most eager to see in their inboxes. We’ll also offer best practice guidance to ensure you bypass spam filters.

Email Copywriting, Email Design & Build Services

We are talented at creating emails that your audiences will want to read. Our email marketing services boast a team of copywriters, designers and developers that will work together to produce email content in the formats you require. We can A/B test creative and subject lines in order to maximise results and gain useful insights to inform future email campaigns.

Email Distribution Services

Our clients use a range of email distribution tools from Campaign Monitor to Mailchimp, as well as enterprise level marketing automation and CRM platforms. We have our own email platform which we can use to empower your marketing, but equally we are well placed to work with your existing tools or support you or on your journey to find the best one for you.

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When it comes to working collaboratively on projects and building new relationships, we find that being approachable is just as important as being creative. If you're interested in talking to us about a project or want to find out more about our agency and what we can do for your business, please use the form below to contact the studio.

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