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Market Research Discovering key insights from your market and customer

Market Research

We are lucky enough to have a broad set of primary market research skills in-house. Our market research services include a variety of different quantitative, qualitative and competitive research methods, giving you the option of having your strategy and planning work all managed in one place.
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Qualitative Focus Groups

We conduct traditional focus groups for a multitude of reasons. Testing messaging, understanding customer buying criteria, attitudes to competitors and customer journeys being just some of them.

Quantitative Survey Research

Surveys, recruited either from panel or from list, are a great way to understand the views and behaviour of customers and potential customers and to provide confidence in strategies through robust numbers from a relevant sample.

Depth 1-2-1 Interviews

For when a really detailed understanding from key segments is required, face-to-face or telephone interviews can be a great way of understanding opportunities and issues and informing new strategy.

Employee Insight

Your staff can be a great source of insight and this is sometimes overlooked. This can help inform strategic or tactical customer campaigns, or to help inform new internal processes.

Creative Testing

If your media spend is over a certain level and your creative work includes more than one ‘route’, then creative testing is often the sensible thing to do. We will test your creative with a relevant sample with the right methodology.

Brand Tracker

Tracking surveys are a great way to understand how your spend is working, as well as know the success and failure of your competitors’ marketing activity. These can include elements such as brand regard and propensity to buy, as well as be a place to ask adhoc questions, without conducting extra research projects.

UX Research

There are a multitude of different approaches, from lab-based gaze plot tracking and structured tasks through to card sorting and customer journey mapping.

Desk Research

Sometimes there is no budget or time to conduct primary research - and you just need a planner to conduct secondary desk research.

Competitive Comms Research

It is important to understand your competitive landscape, identify competitors’ messaging and activity, as well as be aware of new entrants and ideas in the market.

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