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Remarketing Making sure your visitors return


Remarketing is a great channel to nurture potential customers and prospects. Though encouraging those visitors who have visited your website to return we can increase your number of purchases enquiries you receive. Our Remarketing Services will remind people to revisit your website by displaying ads on the websites or social networks your customers use. We do this via various platforms including Google Adwords Remarketing, Bing Remarketing, Facebook Remarketing, Twitter Remarketing and LinkedIn Remarketing.
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Dynamic Remarketing

To improve relevancy and increase the chance of your customers coming back to your website, we can setup dynamic remarketing ads to display the last products your customers viewed. Using a product feed from your website, customers can see ads showing product images, along with prices if relevant.

Social Remarketing

Social remarketing is a great option for informing your customers of any new offers that may encourage them back to the website to purchase or enquire. As these ads go directly into your customers social news feeds your ads will be directly seen, which increases the chance of customers returning. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter now all offer remarketing options and we can specifically target people who have visited relevant pages or are on your prospect email lists.

Website Remarketing

We can also offer website remarketing services that will display ads to people who have visited your website on the websites that they subsequently browse. For example, this could be an online newspaper site such as the Guardian or a train ticket site such as Trainline. Typically, remarketing networks operate on a cost per click basis which can be a cost-effective way of gaining visibility on high profile websites. To make sure that they are relevant to them, we will set frequency targeting so your customers only see ads a set number of times and within an agreed period.

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