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The new face of household recycling
Binopolis The new face of household recycling


Frustrated by a fruitless search for a good quality, stylish recycling bin, the owners of Binopolis decided to set up a new dedicated e-commerce store just for bins.

The brief

After meticulously researching all things refuse and shortlisting a number of preferred products and brands, Binopolis needed to establish a brand that would assure suppliers and customers alike of the quality offer. The brand needed to work in all applications, but its primary use would be the website.

The solution

We created a simple, playful identity that was inspired by classic Scandinavian product design. The light, spacious layout of the website allows the bins to be showcased clearly, and a collection of buying guides contributes to an intuitive and information-rich user experience.

The outcome

The design of the website has been widely commended, and has helped Binopolis secure exposure in both Times and Independent online articles.

The reaction

“Salad created a beautiful-but-accessible site, which successfully established Binopolis in the top end of the sector against department store competitors, and also differentiated the brand from lower quality retailers.

The website has a broad appeal; less tech-savvy customers appreciate its simplicity, professional customers appreciate the styling and clarity of information, and designers and architects feel at home with its design-led image – one said it was the only site he could bear to look at when specifying bins for his projects.”

Jane Pollard, Owner, Binopolis

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