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A multi-dimensional brand and communications project for an ambitious business
Consortiq A multi-dimensional brand and communications project for an ambitious business


Consortiq is a fast-paced and entrepreneurial business offering training, consultancy, filming and more in an effort to disrupt the drone and unmanned aircraft system industry.

Project scope

The brief

Our challenge was to be an extension of their own team handling marketing, strategy, operations and sales. It was challenging work that touched virtually every department within Salad and had timeline pressure throughout due to some key client exhibitions and launch of services.

Our work for Consortiq encompassed strategic brand work, visual identity creation, brand strapline creation, website design and build (including copywriting), white paper writing, brochure copy/design/print, exhibition stand design, plus a fully-loaded suite of branded collateral.

The solution

The approach of the project was pivotal to its success. The client trusted us as strategists and brand builders. The beginning of the work started with planning, including a brand workshop to determine a strategic brand foundation and messaging hierarchy, as well as a company migration plan for brands within their portfolio. Beyond this was a phase of copywriting, from a brand strapline through to website and white paper creation, running alongside a website design and build project. Finally, the design and print of all their required marketing materials and collateral.

After this, we created a new brand identity that worked for their brand challenges. We created a logo system using the ‘C’ and the ‘Q’ as abstract brackets that also mimicked a viewfinder. The solution needed to be very recognisable – as in the UK there was a requirement to use their other business names within the system initially – and we also had a plethora of departmental names of varying lengths to add as suffixes. The logo system enabled the text to live outside of the brackets and still feel like part of one cohesive brand identity. We needed to suggest tech whilst also showing Consortiq as established as well as modern and entrepreneurial.

Empowered by some stunning drone photography, we set about designing and building a website that was confident enough to impress, different enough to disrupt and uniform enough to communicate.

Consortiq - A multi-dimensional brand and communication project.

The result

The whole team at Consortiq has fallen in love with the new identity. The brand launched at a key global conference in Dallas and it enabled Consortiq to look and feel credible to big businesses, whilst effectively communicating their desired attributes and messages. The greatest response was that at one point during their exhibition they had the likes of NASA, Google and Amazon Prime Air waiting in-line to talk to a member of the team. In their own words, the new brand identity helped to attract the kind of people who wouldn’t normally be interested in talking to them.

The reaction

“Our experience of working with Salad to-date has been really good. I love the energy that comes out of their team. I can tell that they’re as excited about the project and the brand as we are and it feels like they can never do enough for us. As a business that’s growing at a million miles an hour, we can rely on Salad to be proactive in making decisions that will keep the work moving forward, without being asked to. I was looking for an agency that was small enough to care about our business but big enough to do the substantial amount of work. The reason Salad stood head and shoulders above the rest was because they chose us with as much consideration as we chose them. For me, the greatest response was the number of people who came to talk to us.”

Ben Keene
Operations Director

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