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Ikano Insight
Overhauling a website to position an IKEA family brand as thought leaders in their industry
Ikano Insight Overhauling a website to position an IKEA family brand as thought leaders in their industry

Ikano Insight

From the founder of Ikea, Ikano Insight is a CRM and business intelligence agency who transform everyday data into actionable insights and meaningful strategies.

Create Ikano Insights core lead-generation tool

Our challenge was to create a new and improved website which could act as a lead generation tool as well as build brand credibility. In line with Ikano Insight’s Scandinavian heritage, the site needed to be designed to reflect their new brand direction and positioning as well as international scope.

With Ikano Insights being part of a larger group, we needed to remain faithful to the Ikano Group brand guidelines, in fact we were the first agency to implement their new digital design system so all eyes were on us to get it right.

The site needed to serve a global market, with a presence and scale in Asia, North and South America, Russia and Europe. The brief also stipulated that the site must work across multiple platforms, including WeChat for Asia.

Ultimately, with a very broad audience, the website needed to deliver an exceptional brand experience for each and every individual user, communicating Ikano Insight’s services and helping them to stand out in the crowded space of data.

“The website was designed at it’s foundations to be optimised for a certain keyword and keyword groups, everything from the backend CMS to the copy users see on screen fits into a larger brand and marketing strategy”

Arabella Lewis-Smith, Founder & Managing Director

An optimised website with exceptional user experience

Our planning process engaged with multiple stakeholders, ensuring we captured the requirements and objectives of different departments within Ikano Insight. Building on their CRM & loyalty heritage, the initial part of the project included work to help Ikano Insight define their proposition and messaging to reflect new and enhanced capabilities.

Using the newly developed Ikano Group digital design system, we developed a comprehensive website which showcased Ikano Insight with the primary goal of lead generation at the heart of the approach. 

Alongside the Ikano Group image library we sourced photography that communicated the tech and data aspect to the brand while still feeling human-centric and adhering to detailed brand guidelines. 

SEO elements of the project were integrated from the ground-up, including a new keyword hierarchy and optimisation which ranged from architecture and internal linking to additional content, copy optimisation, outreach and wider marketing activity.

“We needed a website that reflected our Scandinavian heritage and brand values as part of the Ikano Group as well as being relevant and appealing to data insight and advanced analytics clients… 

From the start, Bella and the team brought a high level of expertise and competence to both the creative and practical elements of website design. The attention to detail and thoroughness throughout the process was fantastic. Salad listened to our needs and successfully navigated the various stakeholder expectations around brand building, thought leadership and lead generation… 

We thoroughly enjoyed working together and are really pleased with the result. We continue to utilise Salad’s expertise for SEO and further enhancements as we grow our online brand presence and evolve our offer.”

Karen Pflug, Former CEO Ikano Insight

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