Brand building for Employee owned Businesses

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Brand building for Employee Owned businesses

Put the people at the heart of your
business at the heart of your brand

Does your brand really represent your new EO status, or the ambitions of your team?

Does your organisation need to demonstrate the change and opportunities employee ownership brings, beyond profit share?

Can everyone in your organisation communicate why you’re unique, your vision, your mission, your story?

Can they all tell the same story, with clarity and consistency?

Your brand isn't just a logo that sits at the top of your website. Your brand is the big picture: every internal and external interaction.

It's your founding story, your EO story, your customer story. It's your ‘why’, your vision and mission, your values and behaviours. It's what your customers say about you when you're not in the room.

And, having transitioned to Employee Ownership, there's an opportunity to re-evaluate your brand to authentically represent the organisation you've become.

After all, if you don’t define your brand and your story, the market will define one for you.

Putting your people at the heart of your brand will generate opportunities to strengthen your business.

Getting your story straight means attracting and retaining one of your most valuable assets, your people.

It creates brand buy-in for the widest group of stakeholders, and creates clarity around the differences between pre and post-employee ownership.

It means increased brand awareness, loyalty and market share, internal and external alignment, more fulfilling partnerships and the potential for decreased price sensitivity.

Tom Quay

CEO, Passenger

“Salad expertly guided us through the process of redefining the Passenger brand, testing our assumptions, questioning our brand story and exploring the essence of what makes us unique.

It was important for us, as a growing business with a mix of founding members, longstanding teammates and new joiners, to include everyone in the process of defining what Passenger stands for today.”

Working in close partnership with your business, both at board and employee council level, we can help you to:

  1. Re-affirm your vision, mission and values from the perspective of your new owners
  2. Measure and realise your brand's potential now that every employee has a chance to contribute
  3. Celebrate and communicate the preservation and development of your culture
  4. Create clarity through collaboration, both internally and externally

Are you ready to put your people at the heart of your brand?

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Salad has a long and fruitful history of working in partnership with a diverse range of businesses, helping them align business & brand to create clarity and consistency through collaboration.