Working where brand, identity and digital meet we partner with purposeful, people-positive businesses.

We build cultural connections and commercial impact, changing the way they think about their future.

We build around people. Around your people. Your customers, your advocates, your team. The people you need to find, and the people who need to find you.

Problems we solve

Since 2001 we’ve partnered with organisations on brand, creative and digital.

Whilst no job is ever quite the same as the one before, we regularly get asked to solve similar problems, typically:

  • When an organisation needs a new brand
  • When an organisation needs to tap into a new or develop an existing market
  • When a brand needs a more cohesive narrative, distinctiveness or differentiation
  • Where organisation, culture and brand are misaligned
  • Where an existing brand and/or visual identity is lacking or feels inauthentic
  • Where the communication of the offer is not working hard enough
  • When an organisation is ready for growth and/or transformation
  • When an organisation has experienced a change of ownership
  • When an organisation needs to attract investment
  • When an organisation needs to attract more, or better people
  • When a new venture needs to generate a route to market with a fast turnaround, but needs more than MVP
  • When a brand isn’t working coherently online
Salad Office Ann Hiatt

How we deliver

A consciously small, senior team

Belief in the power of partnership

We want to work with you, not for you. We bring the expertise you don't have in-house. Working collaboratively we help create value – digging deeper to uncover more potential, communicating the real strength of your organisation and helping realise your ambitions by feeding off your passions.

100% employee-owned

A consciously small, senior team

We’ve decided to stay small and focus on our core skills. Being small means we each take on some of the responsibility of managing our projects. This approach means more efficient use of your time working directly with the people on the tools, and far less chance of information being lost or badly communicated. We also play well with others. So when we need to, we rely on the extensive talents of a handful of external experts to support us in specific areas.

Staying true to our values

100% employee-owned

Since 2021 we've been 100% employee-owned, and fiercely proud of it. No shareholders, no dividends, just us doing what we love in partnership with each other. Not only does it ensure our collaborative, empathetic culture is protected and encouraged, but it gives everyone in our team the inside track on the relationship between our business and our brand. Something that encourages us, through understanding our own situation, to deliver more impact for our clients and partners.

100% employee-owned

Staying true to our values

Core values often end up as bland titles, with little real description and no evidence of being lived. We'd prefer to show you how we work without having to detail exactly what we mean by craftsmanship, empathy, collaboration & resilience. When we work together, you'll experience them first-hand, rather than just read about them on our website.


“I was truly impressed by the way the team immersed themselves in the world of Passenger and public transport to be able to guide us in defining the value we bring to the market. The levels of support, expertise and commercial savvy have given us a brand and website that reflect who we are today and who we aspire to be in the future.”

Matt Lawrence Head of Marketing, Passenger

“... Salad listened to our needs and successfully navigated the various stakeholder expectations around brand building, thought leadership and lead generation. The collaboration between Salad and Ikano Insight was excellent, with clear communication and plenty of lively discussions… ”

Karen Pflug Former CEO, Ikano Insight

“I love the energy that comes out of their team. I can tell that they’re as excited about the project and the brand as we are and it feels like they can never do enough for us. The reason Salad stood head and shoulders above the rest was because they chose us with as much consideration as we chose them.”

Ben Keene Operations Director, Consortiq

“Salad helped to define our new positioning as an organisation innovating to develop the skills the AME sector needs to succeed. Our purpose, ‘given the opportunity, one engineer can change their world and ours’, encapsulates our ability to speak on equal terms toall our audiences.”

Ann Watson CEO, Enginuity
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