Matt Leach

Head of Digital

As Head of Digital, Matt oversees the digital deliverables at Salad. Ensuring the quality of the work is to the highest standard, he takes a hands-on approach to delivering Beautifully Effective® solutions that are both robust and technically sound.

Bringing a wealth of experience and technical knowledge, Matt joined Salad in 2018 and has played a pivotal role in strengthening Salad’s digital offer. With experience in almost every sector, he also helps to represent Bournemouth’s digital scene and contributes to the development of many of the technologies that we use daily.

Throughout his career, Matt has delivered digital solutions for many of Salad’s clients and on high-profile accounts such as Westfield, Apple and the BBC.

“Do things than make humans click.

A good pun but also a solid foundational approach to the work we do. How do we get people to engage with the work we are delivering? How will it be successful?

Why the f##k are we doing this?!

The answer to that question is more important than what cutting edge javascript framework has been used.”

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