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Putting the people at the heart of your business at the heart of your brand

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Your brand isn't just a logo that sits at the top of your website.

Your brand is the big picture – every internal and external interaction.

It's your founding story, your EO story, your mission. It's your intent, your values and your behaviours.

The journey through the transition to Employee Ownership, and the stages that follow, represent opportunities to re-evaluate your brand from both an internal and external perspective.

Opportunities to authentically represent the organisation you've become, to sharpen up your messaging and to use Employee Ownership as a tool for doing great business with great people.

How do you communicate your new shape, or the ambitions of your business as you journey through employee ownership?

  • Does your organisation need to demonstrate the changes and opportunities that Employee Ownership brings?
  • Can you communicate what makes your brand and culture unique, or your vision and mission?
  • What do your values say about how you work as a team, and as a business?
  • Do you have a compelling customer-oriented story to tell?
  • Does everyone in your organisation know how to tell that story with clarity and consistency?
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Although every Employee Ownership journey is different, we typically work to help businesses overcome these three, common challenges:



How will you communicate your intentions or your commitment to Employee Ownership? How will you get everyone on-side?



How will you engage and empower your people? How will you ensure sustainable succession? How can you frame Employee Ownership as an opportunity for growth?



How will you ensure your brand works in sync with your culture? How will you put the people at the heart of your business at the heart of your brand?

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When you need to communicate your adoption of employee ownership, you need to generate the right messages for both internal and external communication.

Take advantage of this crucial opportunity to get everyone to understand why employee ownership is right for your business – why it matters, what it means for your team and, potentially, your partners and customers. These communications need to be constructed carefully, ensuring that you get the messages right, and early adopters onside.

Depending on the structure of your employee-owned business, we’ll run a workshop with a bespoke combination of owners, operational board, trust board or other leadership. Then we'll help you craft the required messages around the transition and work with you to get that message out.

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When you need to engage and empower your people, you need to encourage them to adopt a position of ownership and show why they should care. You need to explain what's in it for them, and the wider benefit for your busines

We can help to align your teams around your culture. We can help you to celebrate and communicate that culture by working with leaders and teams to extract the ingredients unique to your organisation.

We’ll run workshops with leadership, and wider stakeholders from the team where we’ll interrogate your vision, mission and values to ensure they fit your new shape. We run an intrinsically inclusive process, improving buy-in across the business, by working with larger stakeholder groups.

We'll help you unite your teams, craft your unique employee value proposition and internal communication plans, and adapt existing messaging for use across branded touchpoints.

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When you need your brand to represent your people-focused business, this is the opportunity to use employee ownership to your advantage.

We’ll run strategic narrative workshops with your leadership to craft a customer-centric story around your offer. Designed to help you attract both the right customers and the right teams, this narrative will help you to sharpen up your elevator pitch and reaffirm or shift your positioning and value proposition.

These outputs will become a central foundation from which all your external messaging arises, ensuring that every part of your organisation is primed to communicate everything about you with clarity and consistency.

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“Salad expertly guided us through the process of redefining the Passenger brand, testing our assumptions, questioning our brand story and exploring the essence of what makes us unique.

It was important for us, as a growing business with a mix of founding members, longstanding teammates and new joiners, to include everyone in the process of defining what Passenger stands for today.”

Tom Quay Founder & CEO, Passenger Transport Group

Aligning internal culture and shared ownership to reveal a brand advocating for sustainable, shared transport

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