Re-engineering & rebranding a skills organisation from the ground up

A new positioning

Enginuity is a data-driven skills organisation, helping employers, educators and individuals recognise the skills they need to succeed in a fast-evolving world.

We delivered a complete end-to-end brand development project that encompassed; brand positioning, naming, visual identity, website, video and a full suite of supporting collateral. This was concluded with internal and external launch campaigns.

Enquinuity Logo

A full-scale branding project and launch campaign

Functioning as a single point of contact within the Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering sector, Enginuity is positioned as a data-driven skills organisation, helping employers, educators and individuals recognise the skills they need to succeed in a fast-evolving world.

Not just a name, Enginuity is a methodology, which applies decades of experience solving engineering skills challenges and an analytical, ingenious approach to using data. This Enginuity enables the organisation to design practical solutions that support engineers and employers. And it’s also exhibited by engineers at the forefront of tackling many of the biggest societal issues we face today.

Enginuity Team
Enginuity Brandmark Development
Enginuity Proposition

A Beautifully Effective® visual identity

A bold visual identity to support a purposeful positioning. We combined a custom, ownable and ‘engineered’ typeface full of individual accents with a dynamic data pattern, bringing together the core elements of engineering and data.

Supported by the Enginuity brand book, a comprehensive identity usage manual, the visual identity offers flexibility and consistency and works across myriad platforms, both print and digital.

Enginuity Focused Working
Enginuity Logo Design

“ Working in close collaboration with Stronger Stories on brand story and strategy, Salad helped to define our new purpose and positioning as an organisation innovating to develop the skills the AME sector needs to succeed, today and tomorrow. Our purpose, ‘given the opportunity, one engineer can change their world and ours’, encapsulates our ability to speak on equal terms to employers, educators, policy makers and individuals.

It has been a pleasure partnering with Salad on this rebranding journey and we’re thrilled with the results. ”

Ann Watson
Chief Executive
Enginuity Brand Guidelines
Enginuity Icons
Engineering skills for a smarter world

A completely overhauled website

Enginuity’s website has been revolutionised. To create homepage impact, we crafted an engaging animation – Enginuity in 100 seconds – to instantly inform and educate Enginuity’s users. Navigation for the new site has been built around four distinct audience groups: employers, educators, professionals and career-seekers, to help users quickly locate the information they need.

Enginuity tablet mockup
Enginuity digital ecosystem spread

Launch campaign

A two-phase launch campaign across industry press set the ball rolling, to build anticipation for Enginuity’s big reveal. To showcase the organisation’s purpose, ‘One engineer can change their world and ours, given the opportunity,’ and strapline, ‘Engineering Skills for a Smarter World’, selected engineers were photographed and interviewed for the press ads to illustrate the Enginuity methodology.

The first, a teaser phase, showcased the bold visual style of the brand identity without actually revealing the organisation’s new name. The second phase, which included significant press coverage, confidently launched the new brand and unveiled the organisation’s new name and brand identity in full.

Enginuity brandbook

Strategic internal launch

To maximise internal engagement, Salad collaborated with Enginuity to design an internal launch for the new brand. Held at the Magna Science Adventure Centre in Rotherham, the celebratory event brought together the entire workforce.

Alongside Enginuity CEO, Ann Watson, CTO, David Ivell and the newly created Innovation team, we presented the new brand’s strategy and visual identity and revealed what the changes meant for the organisation as a whole.

Enginuity launch
Enginuity Event Speaker
Enginuity Lanyard
The Love Awards
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