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There are around 700,000 people in the UK who live with autism. Thanks to charities like Autism Wessex, they have a network of much needed support.

For the last four years, we’ve been working closely with Autism Wessex, a locally based charity who provide specialist services for those affected by autism. In addition to running their own school and residential services for those with the disorder, they also provide respite and advice for the families and professionals who are indirectly affected.

There are many individuals who volunteer to help keep the organisation running but their generosity and compassion alone is not enough. Without the donations and fundraising events that take place throughout the year, many individuals and families would be left without the vital services that Autism Wessex provide.

Our Involvement

For the last couple of years, Salad have taken part in Big Brekkie, a social event that simultaneously promotes World Autism Awareness Day and raises funds for the charity. This year, we decided to make a larger contribution. It’s always a challenge to raise the profile of an event when you have limited resources available and the situation was no less difficult for Autism Wessex. Having seen that the Big Brekkie was getting limited exposure on their own website, we offered our services to create a new dedicated website for that very purpose.

The result is a fully responsive, one page brochure site that explains all there is to know about the The Big Brekkie. From details about the donations to poster downloads, there’s everything you could possibly need to organise you own event. We’re proud to be associated with Autism Wessex and happy that we could help them out.

Your Involvement

This year, World Autism Awareness Week is 2–8 April. You could host your own Big Brekkie event but if that’s not possible, you could always pop along to ours from 8am on Wednesday 6 April. We’ll be serving up coffee, bacon sandwiches and host of healthy alternatives for those with a conscience! As well as raising money and awareness for a very worthwhile cause, we’ll also be having a good natter and we’d love to see you.

Visit Big Brekkie or Autism Wessex if you’d like to donate or find out a bit more about the organisation. Call 01202 330000 and speak to Sophie or Natalie if you’d like to join us on Poole quay for the Salad Big Brekkie event.

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