The collective power of Beautifully Effective®

As part of our Beautifully Effective® series our Founder & MD, Bella, shares her thoughts on how empathy and collaboration create the perfect environment for delivering Beautifully Effective work through great relationships and cultural connections.

Where it all began 

Back in 2017 when the concept of beautifully effective was first conceived I knew immediately that it was perfect for us. Whilst our reputation was built on beautiful design, something that’s always been close to my heart, we had already begun to establish the effectiveness of our work.

Since then we’ve continued to embed meaning and ways of working to live this proposition in deeper and more meaningful ways. It’s a cliche to say it’s been a journey, but it’s true.

Beautifully Effective lives in everything we do

I love the variety of my role as MD, and the many plates I have to keep spinning. My vision, when it comes to Beautifully Effective, is to continually weave that philosophy through everything we do. Starting with us and our business, and then extending through our relationships with our clients and partners and, not least, into the work that we do.

The alchemy of business

Running any business requires a delicate balance, which can shift with changing times and people. This change is something I’ve always tried to think warmly about, often reminding myself that nothing stays the same forever. Innovation and change, new faces and new processes bring both a challenge and a richness we all benefit from.

It starts with the team  

Whilst I am immensely proud of the work that we deliver and the results we’ve achieved for our clients, my ultimate passion lies in the relationships we hold, from colleagues to clients to partners and suppliers. The thing that keeps a spring in my step is the incredible (inspiring, talented, smart, fun, kind, I could go on) people who I get to work with on a daily basis.

Belief in the power of partnership

Everything we deliver requires a team of skilled experts. My job starts with building the right team to deliver against a brief and often this will be an established team who have worked together many times before. Other projects will require more of a leap of faith, trusting my gut and putting trust in someone new or a new way of approaching a project.

Beautifully effective is collaboration at its finest 

Having that light bulb moment, delivering that ah-ha solution, heck sometimes just delivering on time in challenging situations, requires brilliant teamwork. 

For me, that means building and developing a team that, despite different backgrounds, skills and seniority levels, have a strong sense of empathy and a well-developed connection to culture

So we’re not just a collection of people. Salad is a place where each person is able to be their authentic self, develop relationships and build meaningful connections both internally and externally. In this way, they’re empowered to deliver their best performance.

Empathy and collaboration are key 

There’s value in variety and having great relationships doesn’t mean everyone is or needs to be the same. It’s about maintaining a strong understanding of each other, creating a culture which works to each of our strengths and weaknesses, and having regular, open and honest communication.

Our clients are an integral part

In its most distilled form, we talk about Beautifully Effective as the combination of aesthetics and mechanics to deliver impact. Delivering on that promise requires the right blend of knowledge and skill, combined with the perfect process, all wrapped up with great relationships. And I certainly include our clients in that mix.

Collaboration and connection are our secret sauce

My heart bursts with love for Salad and my greatest sense of satisfaction comes from the strong relationships held with clients, suppliers and our team, which then translate into tangible results.

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