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As an agency we often ask for client testimonials in order to gather an honest insight into the work we do. But this Valentine's, we've turned the tables to offer a few kind words about our clients, partners and friends…

In case you missed it, today is Valentine’s day.

According to BBC’s research, Valentine’s is an ancient tradition that originated from a Roman festival where boys drew names of girls from a box. They’d be boyfriend and girlfriend for the duration of the festival and on occasion, even get married!

These days, Valentine’s is a day during which it is acceptable for businesses to push whatever they’re offering with a timely ‘hook’. Last year, Poundland offered a three-course meal for two for £7 (!) and IKEA offered a coupon for a free crib (!!). Indeed, each year the marketing industry has a handful of witty creative winners and some painful-to-watch losers as well.

A huge part of what makes us a successful agency is the quality of creative we produce, but perhaps even more important than that, is what it achieves for our clients (or our proposition ain’t Beautifully Effective®)

When our work is done and its launch into the world has begun, we ask for client testimonials to gather an honest insight for the record so that we can share that insight internally and with future partners and recruits.

But today we wanted turn the tables.

To mark the 2018 international celebration of love, the Salad team were invited to write honest and anonymous “love letters” to clients as a way of saying thank you in return.

Here’s what they put…

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