Swapping student life for studio life

Walking into the studio for the first time as the ‘intern’, I instantly felt relaxed and I knew straight from the very start that I was going to have a good time at Salad.

After being introduced to the team and shown how the studio operates, I got straight down to business with a project that I could really sink my teeth into (literally). A brief to create a new identity and range of packaging for a chocolate company was an exciting opportunity and one which tested my skills. I created a number of concepts and these allowed me to explore typography, illustration, web design and even a bit of painting! Asides from these more conventional graphic skills, Salad also helped me to develop my presentation skills. Being able to explain your ideas is an essential aspect of being a designer and after getting a few tips from the team, my knowledge and confidence has improved greatly.

As well as being an exciting time for me, the last four weeks have also seen some dramatic changes in the Salad studio. A couple of days after I started, Bella (the MD) got the keys to the upstairs and soon afterwards, construction began on the new studio expansion project. There was a lot of dust and noise but it was great to see the tired old office ripped out to reveal the original brickwork and timber. I hope to be able to visit the quay again soon so I can see the finished studio.

For any student studying in the field of design, it’s massively important to gain as much experience as possible. Being part of a team of immensely talented and positive designers, I have learnt a tremendous amount and this has made me feel extremely optimistic about my future – thank you Salad!

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