Tea India Ayurvedic

Tea India Ayurvedic

Known as experts in chai, Tea India captured an audience through authentic storytelling of their motherland. With the introduction of an Ayurvedic range, their brand proposition evolved into soul healing tea.

Tea India Ayurvedic

The brief

Having successfully demonstrated that Tea India was one of the fastest growing brands in the Dorset Tea group, the team set their sights on opportunities to reach a wider audience. Consumer research revealed that Tea India drinkers held an overwhelming desire to ‘rebalance’ and live a mindful life, which manifested through daily practices like yoga and clean eating.

In-line with this revelation, they recognised an opportunity to develop a contemporary range of teas that fulfilled the desires of yogis and complimented the mind-body health practices of Ayurveda. We were asked to design a distinctive new packaging range that drew on the spirituality of what was contained inside, and also complimented the original chai tea range when sat side-by-side in-store.

The Power of Ayurveda is described on the side of the Tea India packaging. It speaks of promoting happiness, health and creative growth.

The solution

Working with the existing brand assets, we deconstructed Tea India’s signature teapot illustration and reshaped the elements to create a gently curving frame to house the product details. Inspired by the holistic practices of Ayurveda we introduced vibrant background colours to differentiate the range from the existing Chai products. The logo, stamped in gold foil, adds a touch of luxury and creates some serious shelf-appeal.

The side of the Tea India packaging contains an explanation of the product, and brewing intructions

The reaction

“Salad have done a brilliant job of bringing our new Ayurvedic range to life through beautiful, vibrant packaging. The Ayurveda inspired colours perfectly reflect the balancing and detoxifying nature of our teas and compliment our existing Chai range effortlessly. We’re delighted to report that online sales have beaten targets and we’re looking forward to securing shelf space with retailers in the coming months.”

Lisa Worthington, Head of Marketing

Lisa Worthingtons testimonial of Salad for the Tea India project
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