A very special Christmas

Since founding Salad 16 years ago, I’ve watched our business grow from strength to strength. And after a prosperous 2017, we decided it was time to celebrate in style with a Christmas party to remember.

As you may or may not know, Salad is a company with culture at its core. We treasure opportunities to strengthen our relationships and spending time together outside of work is always a delight. Whether it’s discovering a new local restaurant, a summer day trip kayaking around Studland Bay, or a winter walk in the New Forest –  we love a good ol’ team outing. And those outings aren’t just about forging bonds – they’re a chance to pat each other on the back for the brilliant work we do every day.

Salad’s Christmas parties, like many other companies’, are a special opportunity to raise our glasses to a successful year. But perhaps unlike other companies, those glasses aren’t always filled with alcohol, and instead the “party” is a unique and memorable experience, accompanied by a tipple or two for those who fancy it. Last year’s Christmas treat was a wonderfully entertaining West End show topped off with a wholesome, festive feast. It was a joyful, multi-sensory experience for the whole team.

Although our festivities are always rather special, it’s been a dream of mine for many years to take our Christmas party abroad. Hopping on a plane and exploring a new city together, in my eyes, is quite a significant way to commend the team for a prosperous year.

So, I’m pleased to say that it’s finally happening. After a year of phenomenal commitment to delivering beautifully effective digital and design work, we’re celebrating with a 2-night trip to the charming city of Madrid. It’s a huge achievement for Salad, and when we broke the news to the team about our festive plans, the room filled with a buzz that can only be described as a melody of pure excitement and appreciation. It was a special moment.

Salad is a company that cares about its people, and being able to gift our 20 super-stars with a culturally enriching trip to another country is a delightful feeling. Our little adventure will broaden our minds, inspire us and open our eyes to a city of beautiful architecture and fabulous culture. And of course, in true Salad style we’ll enjoy some tasty tapas and a few merry drinks too.

It’s safe to say the team’s anticipation is rife. In 10 days, it’ll be time to “vaya a España”. We’ll be putting down our pens, closing our laptops and picking up our boarding passes for the ultimate Christmas party.

You can keep up with our Spanish adventures by following the hashtag #SaladInMadrid.

Please note: Due to our exciting festivities the Salad office will be closed on December 1st.

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