A unique approach to accounting

Sophie shares how our Beautifully Effective® approach translates into the role of accounting, and ensures that everything and everyone is working together in harmony.

Well, I love numbers and I love design in all shapes and forms.

When it comes to our fortnightly pipeline meeting, I genuinely get excited, the work being complete (or hitting a milestone), the prospect of writing clear and concise invoices to clients and ultimately getting the money in the bank.

This involves using the right accounting tools for us and using them in the most effective way possible. My work is dovetailed with our financial director Andy and I work closely with him to make sure every penny is accounted for and everything is allocated correctly for an accurate set of accounts.

There is real joy for me in making the numbers add up but it requires all the processes to run smoothly through the business and working together seamlessly as a team. There’s also the complexity of the relationships that I have with our clients and their accounts teams, knowing that our numbers/accounts have to match with our clients accounts too.

Beautifully Effective, to me, means that each part of my job, each process, each transaction works through our systems smoothly, so that our spreadsheets and the bank account and the work that I have done is meaningful, straightforward and transparent for the my financial director and rest of the company to be useful and effective.

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