Using Canva to maximise the productivity and efficiency of our clients

Integrating new tools in our workflow is something we’ve become very used to. What was once the exclusive toolset of the practicing graphic designer, tools like Canva have made marketing teams more efficient and independent. Most recently we’ve embraced an evolution of the standard fixed brand guidelines document to empower out clients with more collaborative flexibility and productivity.

Out with the old

We’re all familiar with a brand guidelines document. Traditionally a pdf consisting of a comprehensive set of rules and guidelines that define how a brand is presented and communicated across various channels and touchpoints. 

Working closely with our clients, we’ve found there is an increasing pressure on small marketing teams to create on-brand social content, presentation decks, internal communication and sales material, often at a fast pace. 

And whilst traditional guidelines documents set the rules, they don’t give our clients the tools to create the content. 

Canva has empowered us to work together with our clients to create a digital space to manage and share brand assets and branded touchpoints in one place with ease and efficiency.

Salad's Brand Kt on Canva

What makes Canva such a game-changer for designers and our clients?

1. Collaboration
Canva allows seamless collaboration. Through its digital platform, we can share a brand kit with our clients in real time. The brand kit keeps all the assets in one place: brand fonts, colours, iconography, photography and illustrations. So we can add and update assets as the brand evolves and they’re ready to use within Canva or to download and use elsewhere.

2. Productivity
Perhaps the biggest game changer for most of our clients is the ability to maximise their productivity. By centralising all aspects of the brand in one place, Canva eliminates the need for disparate tools and reduces the dependency on us. This not only saves time but also ensures consistency and coherence across all brand assets.

” … like many organisations, we’ve struggled with maintaining a consistent brand identity across our visual content.

As the team behind our brand refresh, Salad’s creation of brand templates has proven invaluable, ensuring that all our social posts and collateral graphics align with our brand, saving us time and ensuring a clear, unified approach.”

Cosima Wagner
Marketing Manager, Altitude Angel

3. Flexibility
Canva is super flexible. We can create almost any printed or digital touchpoint, from brochures to social posts. We can turn the designs into templates that are ready to use or to customise at the click of a button.

4. Efficiency
Canva maximises efficiency. Alongside the brand kit, brand templates, collaborative tools, brand consistency features and app integrations allow marketing teams to work efficiently and maintain consistency whilst creating a variety of outputs across multiple touchpoints.

At Salad we run Canva workshops to upskill the team, along with frequent check-ins to ensure the team have all the assets and templates they need.

Hold on, we’re doing yourselves out of a job here! 

In fact, it’s the opposite.

Building partnerships that have longevity means we need to find ways to work in close collaboration. Canva isn’t a solution to every problem but it has empowered our clients to be creative, productive and efficient with their time, so we can grow their brand together.

If you’re interested in talking to us about how we can help you adopt Canva in your workflow to improve efficiency and brand consistency, please get in touch with a member of the team.

Or discover our branding and creative services for more information on how we help brands create connections and consistency.

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