Chocolate bars and Christmas cards

The Salad studio is transformed into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory for an afternoon.

As designers in a busy commercial studio, we rarely get the time to design something just for the fun of it (unless you include the monstrous photoshop creations that we bestow upon our fellow employees each birthday). Something that’s even more uncommon are the projects which require us to test drive a selection of different chocolate bars all in the interests of business.

This year, all of our Christmases have literally come at once. Not only have we been lucky enough to sample the amazing range of confectionary from our new friends at Dorset Chocolate Co., we’ve also had free rein to design some custom packaging and accompanying cards for this year’s Salad Christmas gifts.

Knocking up a series of geometric patterns might not be everyone’s idea of a party but us designers are easily pleased. A few carefully positioned angular lines finished in a shiny gold foil and our wish list is pretty much taken care of. Now we just need a couple of bars of chocolate and we’ll be all set for the Queen’s speech and an afternoon snooze. Happy Christmas!

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