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Specialists in digital design services

An award winning team of digital designers, delivering highly creative and effective user-centric websites and digital products. If there is a service that is the ultimate embodiment of our Beautifully Effective® approach, our digital design is it.

Experts at delivering websites that bring your brand to life our team are experienced in delivering engaging website design that adheres to the strictest brand guidelines as well as complying with accessibility standards, best practice UX and optimisation requirements.

A fully mapped digital design process

Starting with a relentless focus on business objectives, our thorough planning process puts the user at the heart, always considering their needs and journey to enquiry or purchase. Any digital project needs to be a balance of creative and technical in order to create the right experience and the desired results.

Salad was founded as a brand agency and this experience is invaluable when considering the branded digital experience of any website or app. Our approach includes an in depth discovery and planning phase which involves every department.

"Each project is unique and treated accordingly, but we always consider aspects such as UX, mobile, accessibility, SEO and technical requirements as part of the design process."

Jon Lockhart

Head of Design

Key benefits

  • Award winning website design agency
  • User centric design approach
  • UX, brand & digital design, bringing brands to life online
  • Cutting edge & bespoke digital design solutions
  • Highly experienced at adhering to accessibility standards
  • Defined end-to end process for digital projects
  • Data and insights focused
  • Highly engaged & collaborative process - bringing key stakeholders and teams together

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