Accelerating the transition to a cleaner future: digitally empowering a game-changing brand

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Who are OCI?

In our rapidly growing world, food and energy supplies are under intense threat. But there is hope, we're on the cusp of an energy revolution. OCI Global are leading the way by investing in, developing and implementing practical, real-world solutions that drive change and unlock a more secure and sustainable future for us all.

As the world's largest low-carbon methanol producer, third largest nitrogen fertiliser producer, and fifth largest methanol producer, OCI Global is revolutionising energy-intensive industries to power a cleaner future sooner.

The challenge

Despite their remarkable achievements, OCI had been operating under the radar. Established for 70 years, and key to global value chains, the business recognised the need to invest in the brand and narrative.

It was time to tell the world about OCI, and the website needed to reflect the expertise, success, ambition and maturity of the business. Collaborating once again with our friends at rbl Brand Agency, we were entrusted to bring the new brand and identity to life, communicating the newly crafted value proposition, and visual and verbal identities all within a single digital setting.

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Empowering the user through an exceptional user journey

As a vital component of the lead generation funnel, the website plays a critical role in guiding each core audience type on a clear and informative path. During the planning phase, we addressed key aspects such as UX, SEO, content, and technical considerations. This focus allowed us to prioritise the areas that truly make a difference, always with the ultimate goal of supporting the growth of the business.

To effectively communicate the intricacies of OCI's operations, we transformed static diagrams into interactive and dynamic infographics, showcasing the remarkable results of this cutting-edge business.

The diagonal line is a fundamental element of OCI's visual identity and a core feature of the accelerator graphic. Although seemingly simple, ensuring its flawless display across all screen sizes and layouts meant some intricate calculations and considered design solutions.

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Built with flexibility in mind

With a highly editable CMS, OCI now enjoys maximum control, allowing for multiple page layouts and structures. Leveraging the power of WordPress, the website's flexibility is taken a step further through the use of Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). ACF allows for the creation of a wide variety of page layouts and structures, which means the website can readily adapt to OCI's evolving needs and expectations.

Furthermore, the news section utilises the versatile Gutenberg (WordPress's native visual editor) for enhanced flexibility. Gutenberg simplifies the content creation process with its block-based system. Consequently, this ensures a visually engaging, accessible, and up-to-date news experience for OCI's audience, further enhancing the website's user-friendly interface and overall engagement potential.

To cater to the needs of different departments, we implemented tiered CMS permissions, granting specific edit access and incorporating an edit approval process when necessary. We developed a SSO service integrating with OCI's own Azure Active Directory, providing efficiency with user permissions, as well as complying to highly specific requirements in the brief.

Anticipating a global audience, we built in multi-language functionality, ensuring the website's evolution aligns with OCI's global reach.

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Protecting equity and driving growth with optimisation at the core

During the redesign of the website, we were conscious of two key elements that would affect the existing organic search traffic. The first being a significant change to the design and UX of the site, affecting both the information architecture and content on the site. The second was more challenging - a change from a regional European TLD to a .com domain name.

Our goal was to protect both the existing organic search traffic and lay the appropriate foundations for future traffic growth. As part of our initial discovery workshops, we consulted with the OCI team to develop an SEO migration strategy to protect their existing organic search traffic. This strategy enabled us to create a SEO plan to deliver on the technical and on page SEO requirements, coupled with consideration of the content needed for their core audiences.

To measure and effectively report back on the success of our strategy and planning, we set up campaigns with SEO Monitor, coupled with data from Google Search Console and GA4. This gave the OCI team a view on user sessions related to organic search, technical and on page SEO developments and organic search visibility for both brand and non brand organic search, alongside exposing insight into future opportunities.

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“The entire Salad team have been endlessly patient, collaborative, creative, and have delivered within a very tight timeframe. Our new website has been integral to accentuating our new global brand, and has helped boost our visibility across our stakeholders, both externally and internally.”

Erika Wakid
Global Corporate Affairs Director
The Love Awards
RAR Digital