All Bar One: devising a creative sustainability campaign to recapture the wine market

The brief

For the past few years, All Bar One had focussed on increasing awareness of their cocktail offering to appeal to a wider audience, which they successfully achieved. But as a result of their efforts, the popular chain encountered a decline in their original fame point – an abundant wine offering.

To help them to bring wine back to the fore, we were tasked with conceiving and crafting a brand communications campaign designed to captivate 25 – 35-year-olds striving to live more consciously. The campaign needed to be aspirational in order to resonate and encourage people to discover wine that was kinder to the planet.

The solution

We began by distilling the key messaging territories to define a priority order. Following this, our creatives began development of four distinctive creative concepts that worked to position All Bar One more synonymously with wine and showcase their sustainable credentials.

Having demonstrated each route across a number of key points of sale, we collectively agreed to progress with the lead campaign messaging ‘One for All & All For Wine’. With a clear sustainability message in its execution, the route also gave the client the freedom to demonstrate the ‘inclusive and sociable’ territory within accompanied copywriting and in the final creative execution.

The marketing ‘cordially’ invites the audience to come inside and begin a journey of exploration into the exciting advances within wine. Executed with bold typography and bright photography captured in vineyards, the resulting creative stood-out in busy bar environments with absolute clarity.

To support the client’s roll-out of the campaign, we also created a stamp that helped customers identify the eight new sustainable wines on the menu. We also created an infographic to share interesting information about the wine industry and sustainability with customers to help them understand more about their choices.

The results

The ‘One for All & All for Wine’ concept was rolled throughout its 56 bars nationally over the summer and received a fantastic response from staff and customers. During one of the hottest UK summers on record, All Bar One harnessed this seasonal sustainability campaign to recapture a significant proportion of their core audience and increase footfall.

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