A visual identity to help engage and enable grassroots creative networks, discover the brand foundations we helped Chamber of Culture establish.

The brief: brand identity

Chamber of Culture, the brain child of James Palmer-Bullock, has been established to prove that strategically embedding art and creativity benefits everyone, wherever they may be. By embedding this belief in policy - locally and nationally - Chamber of Culture seeks to engage and enable grassroots creative networks, local cultural activities and inspirational international quality events.

In order to get the Chamber up and running, James asked us to generate some ideas for identity which could flex around the business strategy and, for the meantime, allow for some early implementation.

Brand building blocks

Our initial exploration started with an RGB colour palette, the starting point of screen based colours, to give a sense that through combination, addition or reduction, anything can be made. We paired the palette with a simple, geometric typeface to give structure and introduced the triangle, circle and square to reinforce a sense of simplicity.

The brand marque is the starting point, a building block for the Chamber which can be adapted to align with different audiences - playful for kids, respectable for adults, authoritative for councils and local authorities.

“Chamber of Culture's vision is wide, and needs a visual identity that is open and inclusive, bringing together a diverse array of people, places and projects. Salad listened faithfully to understand the challenge and ambition of bringing a new enterprise to life. I'm so pleased with the outcome of the identity; the logo, colours and concepts feel generously strong and reliable, versatile and timeless.”

James Palmer-Bullock
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