Telling the stories that need to be heard: reinvigorating the brand, visual identity & website for a purposeful PR agency

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The brief

Hot Tin Roof have been in business for over twenty years. In that time they've created a reputation for representing purposeful technology and clean energy businesses, championing pioneers and disruptors.

But with all the success the Hot Tin Roof brand had been given little attention. In fact, the lack of brand management had led to recruitment challenges, and our initial conversations were centred around building a more talent-focussed employer brand. We believed that the brand itself needed to be brought up to speed, so that vision, values and culture were represented.

This would mean that a more representative identity could be developed and a new website created to bring the brand to life.

Revealing the depth of the Hot Tin Roof brand

Our initial work began with a workshop to distil the culture of the organisation, and begin to clearly state the value that Hot Tin Roof creates for its customers. Some internal work had already been undertaken following a company-wide meeting, so we had some raw material to work with.

Having extracted a wealth of information from the team ranging from personal statements of purpose, to customer journeys and talent development, we brought the brand together highlighting a number of critical factors. Most importantly, was the team's ability to help their customers navigate their sector through their own stories: to communicate with clarity, tell the right story at the right time and achieve meaningful, tangible impact.

The PR world is not short of purposeful agencies, so we focussed on developing a more compelling brand personality, a more focussed space in which to operate and shared purpose with customers to create a distinct and memorable brand story.

We settled on an simple elevator pitch for the brand:


"We craft distinctive reputations and gain meaningful visibility for those who don’t flinch at challenges the world faces."


"Aligning the right story, with the right coverage, at the right time."


"We tell the stories that need to be told and need to be heard, to imagine and build the future we want."

And, we felt an appropriate way to bind both the customer facing proposition and the talent proposition would be to write a brand manifesto to outline the purposeful work, and why Hot Tin Roof care:

We tell the stories that count, that matter.

Purposeful work which tries to make sense of our brittle world. Work that makes us human, that makes us superhuman.

Tech stories. Clean energy stories. Stories about the advancement of medical science and research. Educational stories. Inspirational stories. Impactful stories. Stories that make a lasting impression.

The stories that deserve to be told.

The stories that will make us sit up and listen. That make us raise our hands and get involved. That will help provide solutions to the problems the world faces. So that together we can build the future we want.

We tell the stories the world needs to hear.

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We injected some life and simplified the values of the organisation:

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Finally, we provided value propositions for each audience that Hot Tin Roof needed to speak to, all bound to their unique personality. These propositions enable the communication of how they create value for their customers, how they interact with employees and, just as importantly, how they create value with their partners in journalism:

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Tell the story your world needs to hear

Compelling, purposeful PR to strengthen the impact of your organisation’s story, get the right coverage and the right time, and help you retain control of your narrative.

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Help us tell the stories that matter

Mission-driven, purposeful PR for organisations who have a something to say, not something to sell.

Work with a progressive, seasoned and senior team to help guide and develop your career through first-hand experience, training and support.

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Work with us telling the stories that deserve to be told

Develop and illuminate purposeful narratives which cut through the news agenda and create meaningful impact.

Our seasoned, senior team team trust your process, understand your requirements and value you as equal partners.

Reinvigorating the identity

Much like the wider brand, Hot Tin Roof's identity had seen little love over the last decade. Although it felt a little dated, there was equity in the logotype and some of the assets that had been used across the website and other marcomms. Our brief was to modernise the identity system and introduce more personality and flexibility.

We spent some time investigating how the identity had been used throughout its history. And we spent some time looking at the competitive set, so we could ensure some distinctiveness. Trawling through the years, we found a set of illustrative assets which, arguably, provides as much equity and value as the logo itself.

The solution was a small evolution of the logotype, mainly creating space through the word mark, as well as updates the brands colour palette, not moving away from the widely known orange, but extending the palette of usable colours and bringing some tonal consistency. We updated the brand's typography to include a more descriptive, newspaper inspired typeface, paired with something simple to carry the weight of body copy.

We developed a simple duotone treatment for imagery so it would feel more own-able, and we brought it all together into a system that enables consistency across all the brand's touch points, from search and social media to documentation and presentations.

Delivering the new website

We adopted a similar, evolutionary approach to website development. Keeping it simple was key to the brief. Having documented a comprehensive overview of services, a detailed approach, and reframed some of the brand's values during the strategy stage, we were able to define the website's structure and architecture.

We built the website using Elementor, for ease of maintenance moving forward, and to give the team full control over all their content. There was plenty of content for us to export years of news articles and blog posts mainly, and working together with the team we found a better way to present campaigns, including coverage and statistics which help to back up the impact that Hot Tin Roof helps to create.

On-going implementation

As the team at Hot Tin Roof produce much of their marketing material in house, we opted for a more up-to-date delivery of their brand, through Canva. We set up their brand hub, created templates for social media, presentations and credentials, so that they can apply the visual identity coherently and consistently.

As the team were using Canva before we started working with them, the interface is familiar, and now that there are guidelines and templates available, anyone on the team can quickly create assets which are on-brand. And, whenever the team needs a helping hand or a review of their output, everything is stored in a single place for ease of use and quick reference.

“Salad have supported us to re-align our brand and evolve our identity to better represent the business that we have become over the last 20 years. We are pleased with the results as we’ve retained our heritage and are grateful for their help and support, which has been invaluable.”

Katy Birchall
Operations Manager
The Love Awards
RAR Digital