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The brief

The demise of a long-standing fabric mill had left the original Tessuti collection in limbo. However, whilst seeking a unique fabric solution for an interior design project, Neil Sherring made a chance discovery and stumbled across the website of Patrick Gallagher.  A conversation ensued and, before long, the development of PG Tessuti was under way.

With the new partnership established, Patrick & Neil needed an identity crafted to match the position and aspiration of the brand as well as a website to showcase the new luxury fabric collection.

Patrick Gallagher Tessuti wireframes
Tessuti Chair
Patrick Gallagher Tessuti Roma - London

The solution

Drawing on the heritage of the brand and connection between Rome and London, we worked closely with Patrick & Neil, considering their personal aesthetic sensibilities, the target customer and competitor landscape.

Tessuti Logo Concepts

Using Septimus, we evolved the logo and crafted bespoke ligatures as part of the brand to be used in specific typographic applications. The colour palette which draws heavily on Patrick & Neil shared aesthetic and took inspiration from the fabric itself, is a collection of warm tones with a headline sage green. Overall the mood is rich and inviting and incredibly comfortable.

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Tessuti Brandbook
Tessuti logo design concepts
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Tessuti Signage

“When I design a room, I don’t just pick out a paint colour, fabric and chandelier. The craft is taking care of all the little things that no one sees, they are what makes the difference.

Similarly, when working with Salad, what I appreciated the most was that there was thought behind each element of the work, the little details  crafted with absolute care.

The project has been a pleasure, and the results speak for themselves. The brand continues to go from strength to strength, and now we have a strikingly unique and distinctive visual identity, that matches our elegant fabrics.

We are delighted.”

Patrick Gallagher
Tessuti Social
Tessuti Labels

The digital touchpoint

With the work on the identity complete, we proceeded to develop the new brand website.

First and foremost the website needed to showcase the collection and tell the story of the brand, drawing on the rich heritage and ethos, whilst communicating a new direction and the exciting new product range using the finest materials and production methods.

The core of the website is the collection, fabrics are displayed with large sumptuous images, allowing the viewer to see the detail, texture and lustre, as well as detailed material specifications. Other sections include an archive of previous collections, press coverage and showroom details.

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