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Silver and Green
Increasing an olive brand’s customer base by 400%
Silver and Green Increasing an olive brand’s customer base by 400%

Silver and Green

Based in the Lake District, Silver & Green specialise in the delicacies of the Mediterranean, including olives, olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes and pestos.

Project scope

The brief

To redevelop Silver & Green’s brand and packaging to make their products more appealing to their target audience of delis, farm shops and food halls.

The solution

Take one look at the marketplace and you’ll see it’s saturated with rustic and heritage feel brands. We created playful and modern packaging that retains a handcrafted, earthy feel without jumping on the rustic bandwagon.

Drawing inspiration from the cultures and flavours of the Mediterranean, we created a customised font for the main logo, using loose textures and strokes to give an authentic, handcrafted feel with a modern edge. We accompanied this with a secondary handwritten script, further enhancing the brand’s friendly, down-to-earth feel.

The outcome

Just three months after launching Silver & Green’s new look, their customer base doubled and within 18 months it had doubled again to a 400% increase. True to the original brief, this included both traditional farm shops and modern delis. The work has also been incredibly well received within the creative industry, with the rebrand and packaging being picked up by numerous design blogs including The Dieline, BP&O and Identity Designed.

The reaction

“Working with Salad was a smooth, fun ride. We love the way they take the time to really dig into what’s behind you and your company before any design, or even research, begins. The team helped us work through all our muddled thoughts and ideas, and piece them together in a way that has allowed us to start turning a business into a brand.”

Rachel Hannaford, Director, Silver & Green

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