A digital-first solution for athletes, staff and journalists at the Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games mobile rollout

Developing the idea for the digital handbook

Traditionally, event handbooks have a problem: the minute they’re printed they’re out of date, they’re challenging to tailor to different audience groups, they’re inaccessible, expensive, and unsustainable to produce.

The idea was conceived in a meeting with Team England many years ago. Each Games they have the huge task of creating a handbook, once produced, suffers from lack of engagement and far too much wastage.

We suggested a new digital first approach. We worked collaboratively with Team England to fully scope and develop the idea, with the core objectives of making it easier for the creators, and developing more appealing content for the users.

By scoping out a digital solution, we provided new ways to inform and engage, as well as methods of measurement previously impossible to assess.

“ Since we started working with Salad in 2017, we have always been impressed with their collaborative approach to digital projects. They quickly understood our challenges and guided us through the process, giving us confidence that the end product would be a success.

Our Games handbook has been revitalised by launching the Team England Hub app. The content is now more accessible to all of our users, we’re able to evolve and update the Hub in real time, and we have access to new levels of insights and data informing us of user behaviour. ”

Carys Edwards
Media and Communications Manager
Commonwealth Games Team England Hub wireframes

Planning and discovery to deliver a tailored user experience

Starting with a series of workshops individually designed for the stakeholder groups, we identified and reviewed the needs of each user type, and documented user stories to develop the content, creative and technical requirements.

User permissions were key to create a seamless user experience, directing people to relevant and engaging content. Unlike a ‘one size fits all’ physical handbook, the hub content and experience are specifically tailored to athletes, staff, journalists and content admins.

The digital handbook design took a mobile first approach with an interface that ensured the hub was accessible and easy to use on the go.

In addition to the copy and imagery contained within the handbook, we also scoped functionality to allow users to sign agreements, view timely information which was previously displayed on physical notice boards, and include rich media such as podcasts and video content.

Team England Hub Venues
Team England Hub Dashboard
Commonwealth Games Team England Hub mobile responsive design

A new digital handbook experience - accessible on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

The web app is built using a combination of frameworks and techniques, developed using Frontity, a React framework, bridging WordPress to a React interface. By using React, we were able to develop a native app user experience for all users of the Hub, whilst also delivering a familiar and easy to onboard content management experience for Team England.

The Hub is hosted on Heroku, and accessed via a native app web view wrapper, released on both the Apple App Store, and the Google Play Store. Our method of delivery for the Hub meant a rapid turnaround time using familiar web based technologies without the overheads of a native app development process.

Team England hub available on the iOS app store
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