Breeze Volkswagen VIP Event

“What a result — over 90 cars sold from an £8000 marketing investment.”

Breeze Volkswagen is a three centre Volkswagen main dealer for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

September sales were not meeting expectation and urgent action was needed to boost sales within the month. Time was of the essence with only 12 days from inception to delivery available to us.

A VIP event was quickly conceived to attract Volkswagen customers to the dealership with an offer on exclusive offers, only available at the event. This way, maximum interest could be achieved and the timebound nature of the offer would secure the business within the tight timeline.

We started by developing the creative concept for the event at the same time as the strategy to reach and engage with the customers. A teaser direct mail and email were developed, and followed by a formal invitation mail and email. Salad handled all production and fulfilment to around 10,000 customers. Interested customers then received a plastic VIP event pass and lanyard to gain access to the site on the event weekend.

Over 100 appointments were made inside the first two days following release and in total almost 200 customer booked for the event weekend. The results were well beyond expectation – over 90 cars sold in the week!

“The event was an outstanding success. Achieving the level of sales we did from an £8000 investment has made the return on investment calculation a total no-brainer”

Mark Langford
Brand Manager
Breeze Volkswagen

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