Ellis Jones Solicitors leverage video to engage the charity sector

To improve SEO, drive engagement and create a buzz around their Charities seminars, video was the perfect vehicle.

Here’s an impressive fact for you – by 2019, more than 80% of all web traffic will be video*.

By any business’ standards, this presents an irrefutably significant volume of potential consumers to connect with. A wapping great opportunity for the early adopters.

Video is becoming an increasingly useful form of marketing content because it can be conveniently shared through a number of channels – delivering bite-sized messaging in a format that, when done well, is enjoyable to consume!

But, as is the case with any form of content production, you get what you pay for. The planning needed to produce a relevant, high quality and purposeful film; that grabs attention within seconds and retains attention for several minutes, is challenging.

So often we see brands and businesses spend all their time and energy investing in a strategy to distribute content, with little consideration for the quality and relevance of the content they’re trying to promote. Trust us, taking the time to plan the content you want to create (in this case a brilliant video short) before you invest in a marketing strategy to seed that content, will pay dividends. Think, message —> content —> then channel.

In a landscape where consumers are painfully familiar with ducking and dodging irrelevant marketing messages (and with social platforms working harder to assist them), the pressure is mounting to create high quality, thoughtful content.

Cue: Ellis Jones.

Recently Ellis Jones have been organising intimate speaker sessions to meet with potential clients and offer free, consultative legal advice, in a friendly and informal space. The events offered a perfect way to engage with an important customer base, and have provided a route to branch into the specialist requirements of the charity sector – a growth area in which Ellis Jones already have a wealth of experience.

The challenge was identifying the most effective way to capture the unique atmosphere of the events and raise awareness to generate interest amongst future invitees.

The team at Salad worked with Ellis Jones to direct a short video to promote this unique offer to the charity sector, whilst also serving as a teaser to the exclusivity of the event and the unique and relaxed ambience. Through the video, event details can now live on the Ellis Jones blog and be shared across business and staff social channels to maximise reach and visibility.

Because Ellis Jones had never captured footage like this before, we used this first film to define a look and feel that could be replicated in future for all of events, maintaining a professional and consistent identity.

“We had several objectives with this project. We were looking to improve our SEO and drive engagement as well as create a buzz around our Charities seminars, giving people a real-life insight into our events. We are really pleased with the outcome. Salad have produced a slick video promoting our Charities seminar with strong branding and a simple format, which we can replicate for our future videos. Video gives you the ability to provide information to clients in an engaging and personal format which is easy to digest. As both commercial and individual clients use mobile technology on a more frequent basis, it is also a simple way to get information to our clients whilst they are on the move.”

Millie Chittock, Marketing & Events Coordinator, Ellis Jones.

*Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2015-2020

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