Increasing sales revenue by 150%

The Stag and Hen Experience are nationally recognised party organisers. Offering over 80 destinations worldwide, with hundreds of activity and accommodation variations, the business is operated solely online, making the effectiveness of their website of vital importance.

35%increase in visitor levels

20%increase in conversion rates

150%increase in sales revenue

The brief

The Stag and Hen Experience had suffered a dramatic drop in enquiries following a change to Google’s search algorithm, which excludes non-responsive websites from certain mobile searches. They were also experiencing a static conversion rate as the website was old and not especially intuitive. The brief was therefore to develop a fully responsive and intuitive website and to serve two main objectives; to improve visitor levels and conversion rates from visit to enquiry.

The solution

The new website provides a solid and stylish platform for the business’s varied offering. Striking design and considered, intuitive navigation are complimented by carefully positioned calls to action. The use of video on the homepage immediately engages with the visitor, and the fully customisable content throughout the site allows Stag and Hen to promote their choice of experience quickly and easily from the CMS.

The results

Since launch there has been a transformational improvement of their key metrics – visitor levels are up by 35% and conversion rates have improved by 20% which has resulted in over 150% improvement in sales revenues.

The reaction

“Towards the end of 2015, we at the Stag and Hen Experience decided to invest in a new website with two distinct aims. The first was to take advantage of new guidelines about how best to serve our customers who are using mobile and tablet devices, and the second was to increase our conversion rate and maximise the potential of the visitors to our site.

After meeting with various companies and considering our options carefully, we decided that Salad were clearly the best option – they were offering us some fantastic ideas and allowing us to create a future-proof website that was well-tailored to our business needs. This, in turn, meant that our company would be able to expand its online presence and encourage more visitors to our site. Salad’s extensive experience and enthusiastic approach really allowed us to explore multiple development paths, which meant that we could completely tailor our site, leading us to an optimal solution for achieving both our aims.

I’m very pleased to say that since we went live, both of our aims have been achieved, and significant growth is still occurring. Our usability for mobile and tablet users is vastly improved, and we have experienced an increase in conversions across the board of over 20% – a result that exceeded our expectations. Due to the innovative way the site has been designed, we are also getting much more information from our customers at the first point of contact, and customers are staying longer on our site.

These tangible improvements have equated to an exceptional ROI on both our PPC and SEO campaigns that have, in turn allowed us to expand our sales team a year ahead of schedule, with more recruiting planned towards the end of the year.“

Ross Bowdler, Director, The Stag and Hen Experience

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