Mornings by the sea

Before the icy winter mornings officially arrive, I ventured out with the camera to capture why working by the sea helps ease the chilly morning wake-up.

With more darkness than daylight, single figure temperatures and the clocks affording us an extra hour in bed, it’s safe to say that winter is on its way. For those who struggle to wake in the morning, this may not be good news, as it begins to feel more like getting up in the middle of the night. I’m no morning person, but here in Poole there’s one thing that helps ease that morning wake-up; the walk into work.

By day, Poole Quay is bustling with life. Flocks of people load onto round-the-island ferries, others simply there for a spot of lunch or maybe an ice cream – yes that’s right, ice cream even in the colder months! When the sun is rising and the weather is calm, however, the quay can be a very different place. It’s a peaceful stroll along the waters edge, hardly a ripple in sight, the only sound the low chugging of the fishing boats leaving the harbour as they head out to sea.

In the early hours of the morning, I headed down to the quay with my camera and tripod, with the aim of capturing the essence of what goes on in our little corner of the world. When the weather turns nasty it can be easy to forget how nice it really is down here on the coast, so I’ve put this together as a little reminder of why working by the sea is actually pretty awesome.

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