Salad’s maiden voyage

After all our hard work so far this year, and with some fresh, new recruits in tow, it was time for the Salad team to undertake their next outdoor adventure. This time we chose to take to the open water sea kayaking and foraging around Studland Bay.

Despite thunder and lighting being forecast, the team decided to brave the elements and set off in high spirit. After a short cruise over on the ferry to Studland, we headed down to Middle Beach, where we met Dan and the team at Fore Adventure. They had agreed to the arduous task of leading us on our mighty sea expedition.

After slipping into our rather fetching water attire, Dan took us down to the launch site where, after a quick safety briefing, we set off paddling out along the bay. Part of our Fore Adventure experience included some sea foraging, which involved hunting for a variety of edible sea foliage that can be used in the kitchen. Dan’s knowledge of his sea vegetables was clearly second to none, with species such as Sargassum Muticum, Pepper Dulse and Fucus Vesiculosus all with the possibility of these being ingredients in our next fishy meal.

With the weather actually turning out to be perfect kayaking conditions, we raced across the bay towards Old Harry Rocks, where we beached our craft and explored the rocky beach that sits just behind the famous rock formation. We were even lucky enough to spot some Peregrine Falcons nesting up high above water.

As daylight began to fade, we made a quick dash back to dry land, although some of us arrived back drier than others thanks to a few members of the team who volunteered their colleagues for a quick dip in the sea. Since none of us had been successful in catching any fish while out on the water, we opted for the slightly easier option of heading over to Shell Bay and in true mariner style, tucked in to some freshly prepared seafood.

Thanks to Dan and the team at Fore Adventure for a brilliant afternoon. We’ll definitely be taking to the water again with you soon!

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