Salad’s project management tips

There is no strict set of rules for project management, but here are a few tips we live by.

The role of a project manager is to make sure all stakeholders know the status of every project, upcoming deadlines, and who to turn to with any questions or concerns. Whether you follow Scrum, Agile or PRINCE2 methodologies, our tips can be applied in every environment.

A project manager shall not assume

It makes an ‘ass’ out of you and ‘me’.

It’s their job to talk about things people hate

Project managers have to address the tricky subjects of timings, late delivery and working overtime when needed.

Deciphering client feedback a.k.a. reading their mind

Sometimes clients have a vision and a project manager needs to be able to understand this to make it a reality.

Communication is key

A project manager is seen as the font of all project knowledge. It is important that knowledge is shared and communicated effectively across the business.

Make a plan and all agree to it

A project manager should always ensure the team agrees to the timeline and delivery before confirming with the client. This avoids any surprises for the team or missed deadlines for the client.

Build trust with the team

A project manager sits in the middle of the team and the clients, so they tread a fine line of balancing the budget and timeline. Any good project manager and leader will put people first; they’re the ones who will make or break a project.

Ask questions

If you’re not sure how something will be executed or achieved don’t be afraid to ask how it’s done. A project manager may not be the expert in the production discipline, but their colleagues are. Once they ask the question, they’ll have a valuable insight into their effort and process.

Don’t forget to celebrate

The team have worked tirelessly to deliver that project on time and on budget. Don’t forget to thank them and recognise their hard work!

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