Creating an effective social media strategy for WE ARE BAR

WE ARE BAR were opening a flagship self-titled bar with plans for several more to follow. They required a practical social media strategy to engage followers and bring their distinctive brand personality to life.

The brief

WE ARE BAR had defined their brand and elected to have much more of a local and community feel compared to other chains. But whilst their brand strategy and visual brand was in place, they needed to understand how their social media output could engage followers and raise awareness of the brand. There were both stylistic and practical considerations to be taken into account, in particular planning how a central marketing team and unskilled bar staff could unite to produce on-brand, appealing and effective social media content.

The solution

We recapped key elements of the strategic brand work at the beginning of the document, in order to aid clarity and consistency. Then we moved this on by defining a tone of voice that brought to life the vision and values. From there, there were a number of practical elements to be considered including: content expectations from within the bars, what the group needed as a ‘bible’, what the role and goals of social were, what channels should be brand platforms and which of these should be primary ones, content pillars, easy-to-follow photographic guidelines. We then created a document in their brand styling to be both proud of and guided by.

The result

At a frenetic time for the company, the plan provided the team with what they needed to ensure they could produce stellar, effective social media content that brought to life a distinctive brand personality. It also dealt with several practical considerations and delivered a strategy that was feasible and attainable without compromising on quality. Are you interested in developing a social media strategy? Visit our Services page to see how we can help.

The reaction

“Salad’s social media training and strategy was extremely valuable to our business. The strategy provided was clear, easy to understand and all completely relevant to us. We were able to action what we learnt into our daily marketing activities which will make a huge difference to the way we operate!” Emma Meynell, Marketing Manager WE ARE BAR Group.

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