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Website Accessibility

Website accessibility services and why they’re important

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Good website accessibility practices ensure that everyone, regardless of ability, can use your website or digital product. This is a significant number of people: 18% of the UK population are over 65 and the disabled consumer market has a spending power of £200 billion a year.

Any organisation or business will naturally want to be as appealing to everyone in their target market and by making your website accessible, you are maximising its reach, content and service capabilities.

In addition, in many sectors, having an accessible website is required UK government legislation states all public sector websites and apps must be accessible and feature an accessibility statement as per the Equality Act 2010 (UK).

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How we deliver web accessibility for your digital products

All of our digital projects have web accessibility baked into the process from the start: our planning process explores the priorities of complying to the different levels of accessibility standards, most commonly WCAG guidelines to either AA or AAA standards, depending on the market segment. 

We also work with existing websites or web apps to improve and maintain accessibility. Starting with an audit, the outcome is often a journey with highest priorities to start, followed by a roadmap for more major updates. 

Meeting web accessibility standards is something all departments deliver on. For example, our designers will focus on colour contrast, fonts and spacing, whereas our development team will consider technical aspects such as screen readers, tabbing, code markup and metadata, to name just a few.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive understanding of WCAG guidelines and WAI-ARIA standards
  • Accessibility considered at every stage of new build website projects
  • Accessibility audits for existing websites
  • Flexible approach based on industry and considering disproportionate burden
  • Brand guidelines updates to adhere to accessibility standards
  • Design approach including colour contrast, fonts and spacing
  • Development approach including screen readers, tabbing, code markup and metadata

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Beautifully Effective® website accessibility

Beautifully Effective® website accessibility

In taking a holistic approach to website accessibility including, planning, design and technical, we ensure your digital product or service has the best chance of being accessible to everyone, regardless of their impairments or disability.

If you have a brief where accessibility is important, or if you just want to understand more about having an accessible website or digital product, please get in touch. Our service is designed to meet and comply with specific accessibility needs.

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