Setting new digital standards for a phenomenal race

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Over 45% site user increase
Over 17k crew enquiries
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The brief

Clipper needed a new website, launched in three stages (pre-race, race warm-up and race mode), to tell their story, attract berth sales, generate sponsorship and provide fans and followers with timely content in a compelling and user friendly way.

Clipper Lifestyle

The solution

The pre-race phase focused on showcasing the sheer awesomeness of the race, providing a smart and, crucially, smooth application process, and delivering vital information to crew, fans, media and sponsors in an engaging way. But this was just the beginning…

Phase two focused on the build up to the race, with the teams and skippers being announced. A Crew Hub was launched providing a portal for crew to manage their applications, training and paperwork leading up to their race.

Clipper website

Award winning

We are delighted that the website, which was up against formidable competition including Eurosport and Google, has been awarded a Gold Award by the Pan-European Lovie Awards in the sports category.

“Salad went all out to deliver our dynamic website, meeting an extremely tight deadline. We count ourselves so lucky to have found a talented team that is hard working, professional and passionate about what they do.

The website is a new era for the Clipper Race, delivering a great experience for crew, fans and sponsors, and this is just the beginning. We will continue to develop the site with Salad over the next four years.“

Terri Clarke,
Head of Brand

A unique race viewer

Phase three included and an industry-first, responsive race viewer providing followers with real-time mapping and leaderboards throughout the race. Read an in-depth article on the race viewer here.

Clipper Raceviewer

Race viewer results

Over 500k site user increase
Over 10M page views by the end of the race
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