An intuitive, multinational Careers website experience, with SAP SuccessFactors Integration

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OCI Global interactive map on a tablet in landscape mode OCI Global interactive map on a tablet in landscape mode
OCI Global interactive map on a tablet in landscape mode

Empowering a game-changing brand to attract the best talent

As part of OCI’s commitment to powering a cleaner future sooner, and continuing our relationship with the multinational brand, we embarked on a significant project to create a dedicated careers section on their website.

OCI recognised the need to attract top talent to bring their vision to life and were driven to provide a comprehensive, multi-lingual information hub and seamless application experience.

Having designed, built and launched the corporate site we were deeply familiar with the brand, and the development of this new careers section introduced us to a wider team, allowing us to collaborate more deeply across the organisation.

A collection of planning notes of the OCI global website

Initially, we carried out UX research to gather as wide a range of references as possible, so that we could begin the process with a focus on experience. Ensuring clear pathways for users to follow, demonstrating clear and compelling reasons to join the team at OCI, tailoring content to those at the entry level of their careers or experienced hires, carefully crafting a consistent experience which ties into the rest of the website, and providing information in easily digestible formats.

The UX research made specific recommendations which allowed us to accurately plan and wireframe the section, and create a phased development plan.

The phased development of the site gave us the opportunity to build the skeleton of the careers section, whilst the team at OCI finalised the preparation of the SAP Success Factors platform.

As part of the brief, we were tasked to integrate SAP’s SuccessFactors platform, a robust HR management tool which provides a centralised system to handle every stage of the application process, from sourcing candidates to onboarding.

Our process, as always, is deeply collaborative. Regular, focused meetings with the team at OCI and SAP SuccessFactors throughout the project allowed us to align our efforts, discuss ongoing tasks, share updates, identify blockers and, most importantly, facilitate quick decision-making.

We liaised with multiple partners across different time zones and maintained transparency throughout research, design and build.

A phased careers website launch

To enable OCI to direct traffic to the section and begin building search visibility and brand equity, we launched the first phase of the careers section before integrating SAP SuccessFactors. We prioritised content which provided information on available career pathways, locations, and an overview of life at OCI.

We were also able to stage the user acceptance testing (UAT) for the section, focussing on both the user and HR department journeys, and ensuring the performance of the careers section and the wider site wasn’t negatively impacted.

OCI Global interactive map on a tablet in landscape mode
OCI Global interactive map on a tablet in landscape mode
OCI Global mobile menu

Once the SAP SuccessFactors platform was set up, we completed the integration and expanded the functionality of the section. With a centralised system running in the background, we designed and built the front- and back-end systems to cater for a variety of locations and languages across the US, Europe and the Middle East, providing a user friendly interface which responsively adapts to various devices and internet speeds.

Customised filtering options, by location, sector and working model enable candidates to search for roles tailored to their experience and preference, all from within the OCI-branded environment.

A collection of planning notes of the OCI global website

“Working with Salad was an absolute pleasure. Personal, professional, dedicated, creative and fun. That’s how I describe our meetings. We have been in touch very frequently and I am so proud what we built together as a team. Love your way of working and the results that came of it. Thank you!”

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Human Capital Business Partner
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