Brand building for Employee owned Businesses

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Salad is a 100% employee owned strategic, creative and digital partner to a wide variety of organisations.

We believe in the power of partnership to create cultural and commercial impact for our clients, empowering them to acknowledge and celebrate their authentic identity and own their digital futures.

Together, we create, elevate and revitalise brands, craft customer experience, design communications and build digital products.

Jon, Elly, Harry and Natalie sat around a table, discussing a sketch by Jon
The Salad logo formed into a light, lit up in neon red
Jade sat at her computer, lit by natural light and surrounded by plants, projects and various ornaments



Considered solutions which capture the eye, ensure attention and covey the right message.


Solutions that function as, or better than, intended. Built to last and built to create lasting impact within organisations.


Cultural and/or commercial impact to increase the knowledge of, and connection between the audience, the brand and the business.

Our Values


We’ve spent a great deal of time as individuals learning our craft. As a senior team we’ve found ways to bind our individual craftsmanship together, so that the same attention is paid to a line of copy, a line of type and a line of code. We take pride in the work that we do, and we won’t sacrifice our craft to find an easy solution.


We’ve been around for a while and we’ve survived through times where our resilience has been tested. We’re still here, still thriving and still as keen as ever to learn from our wins, and our losses. We’ve learned that adaptability gives us the ability to move quickly to manage change.


We believe in the power of partnership. Whether it’s working closely with our clients and partners or complimenting our internal proficiencies with a select group of external experts. We believe in the power of a collective mindset to offer alternative views, strengthening the expertise we can bring to bear on a solution to a complex communication problem.


Empathy as a strength. Understanding the needs of a consumer, a client or a colleague allows us to carry out our work in a thoughtful, compassionate manner. Empathy allows us to see the world through many different lenses. These alternative views allow us to adapt our thinking to the particular context of the challenge we’re set, often resulting in ideas which are more deeply considered and more relevant to the problem we’re trying to solve.

Nicole walking past Jon and Paul

Our core team

Andy Andy Brown Financial Director
Arabella Arabella Lewis-Smith Founder & Managing Director
Harry Harry Pocknell Strategy & Creative Director
Jon Jon Lockhart Head of Design
Matt Matt Leach Head of Digital
Nicole Nicole Cook Head of Delivery
Natalie Natalie Padgham Senior Designer
Greg Arnold Developer
Sophie Sophie Wilkins Administrator